The Green Drink & the CSA

So I joined the local CSA (community supported agriculture). My cousin swears by it, and my sister joined in New Hampshire so I figured Id give it a try. What you do, is go to local harvest
find one near you and sign up. So, I pay $15 dollars a week for the whatever produce the farm has in season that week. Sounds fun...I was imagining taking the produce aisle out of my grocery store list. Saturday was my first pick up...and boy was I surprised.
Okra, collard greens, kale, red kale, beets, zuchini, carrots, tomato, cucumber, and bell peppers
SO...I think I will still be stopping at the produce aisle for the regulars.
In the meantime, since I am signed up for 6 weeks, I am going to find uses for all of these veggies. The kale, cucumber and greens can be used in the green drink. (I am going to try it out tomorrow!
So far, I turned okra into "starfood" for Robbie (with ranch), made lasagna with collard greens instead of spinach, and made stirfry with almost all of it!
(oh by the way...it makes you HAVE to cook!)

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Dave and Miranda said...

Have you used the beets yet? I found, modified, and loved a beet recipe that I just posted on Simp{Lea}. It was gooood.