Costumes & Photography

My friend uses this great photographer in Dallas, "Miss Amy." I went onto her website and loved her work...this in particular! I never thought I would be one to like portraits in costumes..but I am LOVING these! I think it has a lot to do with how quality the costumes look... Anyway, get creative with Halloween and who knows what kind of treasures you will find in the photos!


Make my day!

One of the hardest things about moving from Philly, was the plethora of Janie & Jacks in the area. I came to San Antonio knowing that there wasnt one here, but there is one in Austin an hour away. I even wrote them and asked if they would be getting one here...I got an automated response saying they appreciate how much I love the store, shop online.
WELL, today I went to the North Star Mall today...and guess what, they opened one LAST WEEK! Hooray!
Because it is so new, they didnt have Fabulous sales like they normally do...but I am just happy to have them around!

Spouse Anniversary ideas...I need one!

Ok, what do you buy, make or do for your husband for your 5th year anniversary if he:
-doesnt like clothes
-doesnt want anything that could ever be considered a "family item"
-doesnt really appreciate "thoughtful" gifts
-has every tool ever made
-is really busy with school and doesnt have time to do too many sports, but the ones that he does...(golf, tennis) he is fully equipped
-has very limited time to travel...actually none for the next couple years!
I thought I was pretty good at this stuff...but I am STUMPED. Dont google "spouse anniversary presents," because the answer isn't there!
any ideas?


Flushable Diapers?

So, Im reading Gorgeously Green (a wonderful, but very overwhelming book...in my opinion) and it's all about going green step by step. So, I have started with recycling (I know...can you believe I wasnt already doing it?) and now I am just beginning to explore other things. I know diapers are terrible for the earth but NO WAY would I do cloth. So this was an option that the book proposed: Flushable diapers! gdiapers
I looked up the website and read about them today. They really didnt seem too expensive, and they would be a whole lot better on the earth...so I am thinking about giving them a try. They said they sell them at "HEB" (the only grocery store in texas) so I am going to look for them next time I am there.
I guess there is a little cloth outside, and then little diaper inserts that can literally be flushed down the toilet. (I read all the comments, and everyone said that they dont clog even the worst toilets) You can throw them away too...and they will biodegrade in 50-150 days.
After reading, I think the best thing would be getting our kids potty trained as soon as possible...but, I know that isnt easy...so, this may be a good way to go!


Pink Pancakes!

You have all heard of (or seen) this cookbook before, how could you not notice it. It is adorable! (which is the very reason I brought it home) Of course, once I took a peek inside...I was a little less interested. Make vegetable purees and keep them in your freezer. That is SO not like me. But, since I live in a new place, and dont know a ton of people yet...I am doing a lot of things that aren't totally like me. So, I made beet puree...and tried out the my first recipe: pink pancakes.

They turned out great...and were super easy. Of course I didnt have ricotta, so I used yogurt. I didnt have apples, so I used apple juice...and they were fine. The kids had no idea, and gobbled them up. Rob ate a couple...and his only suggestion to make sure the purees are chunk free. So, it was like making fortified pancakes.
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A sip of yucky...

Well, dont say I didnt try. Here it is...kale, cucumber, apple juice & ginger. Lets say...not for me, I am going to stick with Zuka Juice.
Lets see how my kids liked it...

If the facial expression says anything, it wasn't so good...but, in reality, she drank a FULL cup. Maybe she could taste the apple!

Robbie just echoed me and said "WAY TOO MUCH GINGER." Then added, "it needs Pepper!"

Ill try again in a week or 2. I think i need to really tone down the ginger, and maybe add carrots or something.
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The Green Drink & the CSA

So I joined the local CSA (community supported agriculture). My cousin swears by it, and my sister joined in New Hampshire so I figured Id give it a try. What you do, is go to local harvest
find one near you and sign up. So, I pay $15 dollars a week for the whatever produce the farm has in season that week. Sounds fun...I was imagining taking the produce aisle out of my grocery store list. Saturday was my first pick up...and boy was I surprised.
Okra, collard greens, kale, red kale, beets, zuchini, carrots, tomato, cucumber, and bell peppers
SO...I think I will still be stopping at the produce aisle for the regulars.
In the meantime, since I am signed up for 6 weeks, I am going to find uses for all of these veggies. The kale, cucumber and greens can be used in the green drink. (I am going to try it out tomorrow!
So far, I turned okra into "starfood" for Robbie (with ranch), made lasagna with collard greens instead of spinach, and made stirfry with almost all of it!
(oh by the way...it makes you HAVE to cook!)


Quick Craft for the Kids

If you have a couple minutes today, this would be a good one for the kids. You probably have all the supplies. Maybe during your bbq tonight you could have the kids make these...find them here
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