Oilcloth...my kind of sewing!

Last year, I got into the oilcloth trend after seeing an adorable tablecloth at Kate's. Anyway, I learned how to find it, sew it, and make some neat things...mainly tablecloths and this beach bag. The beach bag wore me out and I didnt finish all my other projects...until yesterday! Here are some of the projects I did...and seriously, it is NOT hard. You will need a serger set for rolled hemming, (threaded with one normal spool and 2 wooly nylon spools), and some oilcloth! I buy mine here. You can find a couple patterns here, but I just make them up...as I go.

These were supposed to be artsmocks, but since I was so anxious to get them done, I made them into aprons (I figure they will work for art too...dont you think?)

I was having so much fun, I had to make more bibs today!
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Where do you come from? You constantly amaze me with your ideas, energy and creativity. You make me feel like such an under achiever!! I still love you anyways - keep on making. I love to see what you come up with.

Amanda said...

girl..where and how do you find time do everything? :) Very cute, maybe someday I'll take up sewing and all that fun stuff!