My own Project Runway...

It all started with this Gucci top. I have been looking for something to wear to Rob's graduation (You know...you just want something new!) Anyway, I saw this top in Cookie Magazine, and I LOVED it. I was sold on it, until I looked at the price...$1200.00! Since that is just a tad out of my price range, and I couldnt get the shirt out of my mind...I decided to attempt something crazy...try to make one like it! I figured, I have made about 12 little girls skirts, why couldnt I design and sew a 1200 dollar shirt? So...
I started with muslin at 1.50 a yard. I had an idea of how to make something similar...but never tried to make the same thing. I never ended up putting both sleeves on the muslin version and I also didnt want to put a zipper on the fake one...too much work

Here is the muslin one, as far as I got. I first tried the real version in organza, but since I was going for white...it looked bridal, or bridesmaid-like. I decided on poplin...and when I had it all done, Rob said it looked like I had a sheet wrapped around me!
Here it is! I added a black rolled hem to the bow, and I really think it helped the sheet part. The sleeves were slightly difficutl, but the scariest part was the invisible zipper. I dont know if I did it right, but I did it!
The bow takes awhile to tie right. It looks slightly different everytime I put it on.
I like how the back swooshes to one side. It isnt perfect by any mean, but I love my little creation!
So the best part...it cost about $20.00 to make! I ordered the pencil skirt from banana and it fits well, which is good because I really didnt want to have to make a skirt. Now I am having fun looking for shoes, bracelets and a clutch. (I got the shoes...bright yellow patent leather...love them!)

So, what do you think? Should I get a dress form and make it a hobby, or is it a one time thing? Who knows, but it was a fun project!


Amelia Hannah Brubaker said...

Wow Chels.. you are becoming such the little designer. I love the shirt.. so funky and you look so much hotter than the model with the Gucci top! Way to go.. now you just need to make me one!

Katie and Jeff Wood said...

holy crap! Chels you amaze me!! That is seriously the cutest thing! You must help me make one =) you will look adorable at the graduation!

Stephanie said...

You look fabulous. Totally off the runway!

val said...

google reader recommended your blog, i hopped on and have LOVED your blog. hope you don't mind a stranger peeking in. thanks for sharing your great ideas. you're awesome. i LOVE your shirt you made. so cute and hip and different. way to go. i'm not a seamstress but dream of not being scared of the sewing machine someday.
thanks for letting me stop by. i'll be coming back. :)