Sunday Barbeques

Summer is almost here, so it's time to start one of my favorite traditions...Sunday Barbeques! Ok, so I have only done it once, last year, but it was so much fun! Start at the beginning of the summer with a large group of people (we did it with our church and through emails) Every one that is able, signs up to host a barbeque on a sunday until all the sundays are filled. Then, the host provides a backyard (or front yard), a BBQ grill, papergoods and utensils, and condiments...and thats it. Everyone is invited (even if they cant host) and each family brings their own meat and a side dish. It was so much fun to have a whole yummy meal every week, without much preparation. It is also SO fun to get together with so many people. Some weeks we wouldnt even bring meat, because there were so many great sides. If you live away from family (and cant eat at Mom and Dad's every sunday) try this...You'll Love how easy it is!
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Amber said...

Great ideas! This also works well for FHE once a month with friends.

Rachel said...

We do this here in Texas... they call it "a Pint and a Pound", everyone brings a pound of meat and a pint to drink.

When you get to San Antonio, you should see if your Central Market does Burgers and Bock nights. They have them here and it is a great night for the family. Live music, great food! I know San Antonio has a Central Market (very pricey grocery shopping but the best selection ever), I'm just not sure where.

The Romneys said...

I loved this last summer. I'm not sure who will organize it this year, but it better happen again cuz we just loved it. We'll definitely miss you guys. What is the official move date?

The Whitings in Philly said...

this sounds like a great idea Chelsea. I think I'll try to get it going in our ward! Thanks for all the good ideas.