Spring Showers

Spring showers are So much fun. The food is so easy, bright, and refreshing. Here is one shower I did 3 years ago, but I think I would do the exact same thing again!
The menu: barefoot contessa grilled lemon chicken salad, giant croissants, strawberries, cream puffs & lemon cake.
I think I do cream puffs for any occassion because I love what they look like in a bowl.
About the salad...I love it! My friend Lizzie introduced me to it, and now I pull it out once or twice each spring, mostly for a get together or a small luncheon. (note: it is very easy, for I am not a cook)
I am actually making it today...so Ill post a new picture later!
see here for recipe
(I ofter use blanched asparagus instead of sugar snap peas because rob doesnt like the peas)

(by the way, what camera was I using?)

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