Make Mothers Day Special: #1 Host Brunch

OK, here is the plan. The number one complaint about Mother's Day, is that it really isnt a day for Mothers at all. We HOPE we wont do any dishes, cook, clean, or listen to one argument between the kids on our special day...but guess what, NEVER HAPPENS! So, I am going to think of a couple things you can do, to make it special.
#1 Host a brunch for other Mothers.
Just know that you can make it special for other people, and that may make you happy too. Invite your Mom, Mother-in-Law, or a couple friends over for a special Mothers Day brunch. Decorate the table with your favorite table cloth, dishes, and flowers. Since I LOVE favors, make sure to have a small favor at each place setting (small lotion, burts bees product, wrapped up candy, if you really have time: a bright pin cushion)
Keep the Food simple, as to not wear yourself out: Quiche (either homemade or mini quiches from costco), waffles and strawberries, fresh squeezed orange juice, paninis, anything really.
Sounds fun right...well get planning, and you will forget all about what people should be planning for you!

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