The Birthday Book

So, this has been my latest little idea/craft. I saw a really cute birthday calendar book at anthro and almost got it. I didnt because I figured it was missing one thing: a place to keep the cards!

So, I went and made my own (took all of 30 minutes!) I showed it to a friend and she said it would make a great gift, so keep that in mind.
You will need:
*13 pieces of double sided 12x12 scrapbook paper that coordinate, you could also use 8.5x12, you'll just need 2 of each
*13 pieces of vellum
*that red super sticky tape from any craft store (it is thicker than normal tape and not as wide)
binding...I did mine at office depot for $5.00

Cut all the paper to 8.5x11. Then cut the scraps to 8.5x3.5. Put them in the order you want them and tape the scrap of the next paper to the back of the paper before (I know that doesnt make sense, but look at the pic) ONLY tape the outside edge and the bottom because the binding will keep the inside together. Make up a word document with lined 1-31 with the month at the top. Change it for each month until you have all months printed on the vellum. Print an additional vellum sheet that says "birthday book" or what ever you want for the front...get it bound, and WA LA!

Ok, so my plan is to fill this out with birthdays, make a word label document with all the people I would like to send cards to, and at the beginning of each year (or in Dec) buy 20 cards or so, stick the label on and file them. Then, at the first of the month, fill out the cards and send them all. It could work right?
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Steph said...

Chelsea, I'm in need of a fun birthday gift for my neighbor. She's so great and I want to put some thought into it. You are so good. I like the flower gift a lot. Any other good websites or good ideas, I would love them. I came right here. Thanks for posting your cute ideas!