Fall Hot Chocolate Shower

You may be starting to think about your fall get-togethers or showers, so here are a couple of my favorite ideas from last year!Think simple! This was a shower for a friend that was around 8:00 in the evening.

The hot chocolate bar is always the main attraction for me. We had the hot chocolate maker going in the kitchen and brought out fresh glasses of hot chocolate. (You know Ive also done it with a coffee urn serving hot water, and had guests mix their own hot choc. from a variety of flavors.) You need mini marshmallows, coconut covered marshmallows, whipcream, and flavored chocolate covered spoons (so easy to make). Melt milk chocolate chips and dip plastic spoons in it...then dip the spoon (or just the tip of the spoon) in peppermint candy, cinnamon, or coffee. Yum!

I made mini pumpkin cheesecakes with fresh whip cream and bought different flavor doughnut holes for the refreshments.

Of course caramel apples were perfect for fall. These ones werent my best, I cant remember what I did wrong. But, they were cute anyway!

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angela said...

SO cute!
I found your blog from Elise (I'm her friend in MN), and I just love to look at what you do and copy it! Thanks for inspiring me. I am planning 2 showers in the next few weeks and this idea is just TOO good not to use!

Anonymous said...

Chelsea, This is Beth (Brown) Clayton, I found your blog through Miranda's and love it! Thanks for all the awesome tips and ideas. I want to hire you to do my kids birthdays, friends showers, clothes, etc. You are very talented!
my blog is private, so if you'd like an invite email me at eabclayton(at)gmail.com

Amanda said...

I remember that shower! You always throw the best and most creative ones! I love this idea.

Rachel said...

Pumpkin cheesecakes?? I amy be driving to San Anton for a taste!!!