Ribbon embroidery

One of my Favorite sweaters that I bought at Harolds 7-8 years ago (yes, I still have clothing that old in my closet) has ribbon embroidery all over the front. In different colors and widths, the satin ribbon creates a beautiful arrangement of flowers. Anyway, last year I saw a whole article about ribbon embroidery in martha stewart, where they show how to do flowers, leaves, carrots, raspberries, etc. I cant find my article right now, but I got a little anxious to try some...so, here is my first go.

I dont exactly know how you would mark the sweater for a whole array of flowers. I just eyeballed these couple. I think you can actually find patterns for this old victorian artform online...but I havent looked into it yet. I think it would be so pretty on little girls' cardigans.

I just used a needle with the biggest hole possible (you are probably actually supposed to use an embroidery needle. Then you just make your design and tie the backs. That's easy...right?
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Amelia Hannah Brubaker said...

cute cute i love it! love you guys..miss you :(