working with Modge Podge

How many times have I looked at the Modge Podge bottle at a craft store check out line and wondered what it was? Many! So, I figured it out and boy am I glad I did! It is transparent glue that dries clear (for those wonderers like me) and it has about 2 trillion uses! My sister decoupaged a desk with old tattered pages of an english novel...it looked so cool.
My first experience with it was for these little babies. Rob and I bought some funny old prints in paris this year, for about one euro each. I loved the pictures...but knew they would lose something behind glass in a cheap frame. SO, I bought 3 8X12 canvases, trimmed the pics down and decoupaged them to the canvas. SO easy...and yet my guest bathroom loves the result! I was so happy to find a way of displaying the pictures without taking away from their content.
Hooray for Modge Podge!

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Rachel said...

You know what I want to see next??? A door wreath. I am going to go back through your old posts to see if you have made any before. I always see the cheesy ones that people make and I always just assume mine would look cheesy too if I ever tried.

I bet you could make up some really pretty seasonal/dried flower wreaths. YOu have got to move to FTW so I can buy this stuff from you.

I have a project I am going to attempt soon that I want to email you about. It is so simple surely I can't screw it up.

Basically: spray paint some clipboards (6-ish) maybe red and hang them in the playroom so I can have a way of easily displaying my kids most recent artwork. I have seen this done before so I think I could manage it. Maybe attatch a chic little bow or something?

What do ya think?

Elise said...

Love MP too!