One more Valentines Idea: Luxury Scavenger Hunt

Maybe you should send your spouses to this site to read this!
In highschool, one of my favorite ways to ask to nice dances was this scavenger hunt. It is even more fun and romantic to plan for your spouse.
First, he gets an invitation to his favorite restaurant to meet there at a certain time. Upon giving the lady his name, they give him his favorite appetizer all boxed up with the next invitation...that sends him to a clothing store. Again, after telling someone there his name, they give him a wrapped box of something special with the next invitation inside. He may then go to a chocolate store, or victoria secret, or the choice is yours, he could end up at dinner with you, or home to a nice dinner or night of relaxation)
When I did it, I sent them to La Caille for a drink, Nordstrom for a tie, Tuscany for a gift basket and dessert. Now make it personal for your husband. Or be the best friend a girl could have and tell your friend's husband to do it for her!!! (She'll return the favor one day...im sure!)


jane said...

Chels! I am so glad you finally got your "design" blog up and running! I will be checking it frequently for ideas! I miss you guys!

Kim said...

Chels... thanks for doing this blog... I love your ideas. I'm doing a scavenger hunt tonight for the kids with a BIG surprise!