Valentines Idea: The Gift Basket

We are not talking about a gift basket from Artichoke & Co (which is beautiful and if money permits and time doesnt, it is a great choice)...I am talking about a VERY personalized gift basket for your Valentine.
1. Future Plans Basket: Every item represents something you are looking forward to in the future. (Pineapple or Macademias...for the trip to Hawaii you want to take, Guidebook...for hikes or trails, Golf balls...for the hobby you want to learn, lincoln logs...for the cabin you are hoping for, baby bottle full of a favorite treats...for a future child, etc. )
2. Things you love about him basket: things that represent all of the things that make him special to you.
3. His favorite things basket: you get the idea
I think I sometimes overuse these. For Rob's First Father's day I did "things that I cant wait for my Daddy to teach me" I love them because they are thoughtful and as long as the things are useful...they are a good alternative to one gift.


brandon & alisa said...

I love personalized gift baskets, though! Not used enough, I'd say...

In fact, I have been on the receiving end of a gift basket from you back in the college days and it was lovely; full of chocolate!

Elise said...

Such a cute idea. I did a stocking for Chris for Christmas. He really loved it. It takes some thought, but is totally worth the smile on the receivers face!