Valentines Day Tradition: Books

Growing up, My Mom always set our Family Valentines Table with a book or 2 for each of us. I have continued the tradition for my kids. Elle is getting "Pinkalicious" and Robbie is getting "No No David" this year. I also give them a small gift. I love looking back at my books that say "Valentines 1995" etc.


Amanda said...

YEAH!!! I am sooo excited for this website, you have so many fun ideas; thx for sharing! (I love the V-day idea with the book too) Robbie's party looked like fun, his cake was AMAZING!!!

Rachel said...

Pinkalicious is the #1 book around here! We give it out with a pink dress-up to all our little friends for bdays. She will love it when she gets older, you are so smart to build up her book collection. I was always afraid to buy paper books before the kids were old enough which was silly. Purplicious is not a great in my opinion, the theme is a little too old still. Okay, enough Rach! I could go on and on about favorite books. Does Robbie have Walter the Farting Dog? We got those as a gift and Kaitlyn loves to have her Daddy read that series. Warning... it is exactly what it sounds like. Mommy does not read that book.

Cute stuff on here, I love it all. How late do you have to stay up at night? You are awesome!

Love, Rach

Adam • Muranda • Ashton said...

Great idea with the books. I don't think I love anything more than books. Neither does Ashton. He can sit with his books for hours.

Now...I just need a bigger shelf!

Katie and Jeff Wood said...

oh good! I love the title! this is an awesome idea. You are soo good at this stuff. cute cute cute
love ya