Valentines Idea:12 "Lays"...

Ok, by popular demand...I am actually going to post this! Warning...this is a little kinky, so I wont give too many details! Two of my friends did this for their husbands for Christmas, and I thought the idea was so funny and cute I didnt want to wait until next Christmas. SO...Instead of the 12 Days of Christmas...try the 12 Lays of Valentines. There are many different ways of going about it, but the one they did, went along with the original song...here are some examples, but girls, GET CREATIVE!
1. Pear bubble bath, pear dessert, etc
2.dove chocolate, chocolate turtles, spell out "love" with them
3. french kiss, french kiss the movie, french and romantic
4. sexy "calling" messages, or notes, or texts
5. anything gold (undies, lotion, doughnuts, etc.)
6. egg breakfast in bed, anything with eggs
7. goldfish, a speedo for swimming?
8. maid attire, milk duds, milk shake
9. beginners guide to "dancing," etc.
10. a massage (the lords were tired of leaping), choc. frogs, sexy chess or checkers
11. music, itunes gift card, homemade cd of favorite sexy songs
12. whatever you want the finale to be!
Can you imagine the possibilities and the expression on your husbands face when he looks in his briefcase the first day! I love it because...if it is thoughtful and romantic, you dont have to get something expensive...how could they complain about this!


marcie and bromley busath said...

hey chels, great idea blog. i love it and love this particular idea. i have been doing something similar for brom since our first valentines dating, but i have always done the week leading up to v-day. this 12"lays" idea could mix it up a bit and give some direction. thanks for the idea.

aimee heff said...

way fun! This is a great idea to help spice things up during the winter blues.

Chelsa said...

Love it! What smart person came up with this one?

Playful Professional said...

I love this idea... hmm too bad Christmas isn't anytime soon. Maybe I'll do Christmas in July.