Yoga...with kids!

So I have never actually done yoga, but I hear it is the most relaxing form of exercise. I found these cards and thought it would be the perfect thing to try with my kids. (well, Robbie...Elle when she is older) Really, I think it will be the most fun for playgroups when I have Robbie and his little friends over. Maybe we could dedicate the 20 minutes to "yoga pretzels!" The cards are divided in categories like: breathe, stand, partner, game, etc. Then Every card tells you some Yoga thing to do...but makes it fun for kids. Examples: breathe like a snake, take a big deep breath in and exhale with the "sss" sound, or like a bunny with 3 sniffs for the inhale, or like a bumble bee with the buzz. Stand like a mountain, like a dancer, etc. Anyway, Ill try it and let you know how it goes. You can google them online, or find them at amazon.


Phil said...

I love kids yoga. Kaitlyn has actually had yoga classes at school. When it was cold they brought in a yoga instructor to teach the 3 year olds yoga... can you imagine how cute that must have been!

The Gymboree Play and Music had yoga classes but the one in our area closed before we could ever try them.

Your blog is so cute!!

Phil said...

Oops, on Phl's laptop... that last post was from me =) Rachel... sorry. I still don't know how to navigate the Mac as well as my PC.

Love, Rachel

Bill Tanna Ava Fox said...

ok i'm waiting for more cute life details that make it so much more fun and exciting!