Valentines Idea: Plan your own date...or weekend

This was one of our best Valentines! I had no idea what to do for him, so I let him choose. For a couple days before valentines, I hid notes for him. Each note had cute things on the top about how much I love him, and on the bottom it was a questionaire. I hid the notes for him to find, and instructed him to hide them back for me. Here is an example of how you could design your weekend, day or perfect date night...using his imput:
On your dream day which of the following would you do in the morning?
a. go on a hike
b. go fishing
c. play tennis
d. stay in bed late and watch a movie
Where would you spend the night?
a. a cabin in the woods
b. a hotel downtown
c. condo in parkcity
d. home
Circle one from each category to make your homemade dream meal!
chicken, beef, shrimp, fish,
pasta, rolls, rice, breadsticks
asparagus, zucchini, salad, broccoli
rootbeer float, chocolate cake, cheesecake,
Use the following words to describe your dream (date, weekend, day)
*insert words that you know you will do, like "saturday" "snow" "cabin" "fire"
You can change this to make it work for any occasion, and price range. I loved it because he really helped me plan what we were going to do! And he loved it!

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