Story of Valentines Day

We know for sure that there were at least 2 Christian Preachers named Valentine, that were killed for spreading Christianity...but the unconfirmed story of the 3rd Valentines is my favorite.
He was again a Christian Preacher who lived under the rule of a pagan king...who started to banish marriage in order to build his army. Valentine started marrying people in secret, and of course was sent to jail. He fell in love with the Jailor's daughter and on the eve of his execution wrote her a note: "Dear Beloved....Love, Your Valentine"
All these men were canonized and made Saints in the Catholic church though they are not worshipped as some Saints are.
This year's Valentines Craft is for St. Valentine. If you can cut the wood and paint the blocks, my friend Kathy will print the vinyl for you for a minimal charge!

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